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Today’s consumers face complex energy challenges. Each piece of the energy puzzle affects the costs and performance of all other aspects of business and life in general. Solutions in one arena of the energy picture can have unexpected results on other aspects or fail to deliver the expected savings. That is why it is critically important to look at an entire portfolio of solutions to yield the lowest levelized cost of energy (LCOE) to you the client.

Our energy management and engineering professionals identify, develop, design and implement integrated energy demand side management (DSM), renewable energy production, and return on investment strategies.


New Leaf Power & Conservation Solutions Ltd. has both standard and customized PV solutions available.

Standard grid-tie systems

Current Consumption kw/month Recommend System Expected savings $/year
100 – 200 NLP – 1 kw  USD $    540 -$ 1,080
200 – 300 NLP – 2 kw  USD $ 1,080 – $ 1,620
300 – 500 NLP – 3 kw  USD $ 1,620 – $ 2,700
500 – 700 NLP – 5 kw  USD $ 2,700 – $ 3,780
Greater than 700 Call for custom sizing


Our standard systems include:

  • PV modules (also known as solar panels)
  • Grid-tie inverter
  • Balance of system (cabling, combiner boxes , circuit breakers, lightening and surge protection etc.)
  • Racking and mounting hardware
  • Installation and commissioning
  • Utility interconnect licensing, JPS Standard Offer Contract  (SOC)

We use only top quality, Tier 1 Mono Crystalline Silicon modules in all our systems and our modules have a minimum 25 years performance warranty delivering energy up to 40 years. Similarly, our inverters are state-of-the-art high efficiency inverters to ensure the maximum conversion of sunlight into energy.


Custom grid-tie systems

For larger systems (consumption above 700 kwh/month), we will design and implement a customized system.


Battery backed systems

Typically battery backed systems are much more expensive than grid-tie systems, they have a longer payback time, requires maintenance , special storage areas and requires replacement after a few years but there are certain situations where a client wants or needs a battery-backed (off-grid solution). We can design and implement these custom solutions for you.