Get Financing Today

Financing for the purchase of solar water heaters and solar PV systems is available from a number of financial institutions. In addition to their own energy loan programs, many financial institutions act as agents for on-lending of DBJ funds from the PetroCaribe Energy Loan program.

Commercial Banks

  • Bank of Nova Scotia Jamaica Ltd.
  • First Caribbean International Bank Ltd.
  • First Global Bank Ltd.
  • National Commercial Bank Jamaica Ltd.
  • PanCaribbean Bank Ltd.
  • RBTT Jamaica Ltd.

Merchant Banks

  • Capital & Credit Merchant Bank Ltd.

Other AFIs

  • Jamaica Cooperative Credit Union League
  • Jamaica Money Market Brokers
  • Jamaica National Building Society
  • National Export-Import Bank Jamaica Ltd.
  • National People’s Cooperative Bank Jamaica Ltd.
  • The National Housing Trust

Accredited Micro Finance Institutions

  • Access Financial Services Limited
  • JN Small Business Loans Limited
  • NationGrowth MicroFinance Limited
  • Micro Credit Limited
  • Jamaica Co-operative Credit Union League Limited

More details may be found at the DBJ website

There are also brokers who will work with clients to help make the process of getting financing as smooth as possible. Contact our sales office for more details.