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Energy Solutions

New Leaf Power is a full service energy solutions company serving Jamaica and the Caribbean. Our team provides products, services and solutions to reduce the overall cost energy to our clients. We do this by holistically looking at energy consumption, energy efficiency and energy generation.

We keep a very close eye on existing and emerging technologies, so that we can appropriately deploy them to meet the needs of our clients. These include technology such as LED lights, distributed power generation (such as solar PV) and demand side management.

We are a highly skilled team of engineers and managers committed to delivering high customer value.


Today’s energy consumers face complex energy challenges. Each piece of the energy puzzle affects the costs and performance of all other aspects. Solutions in one arena of the energy picture can have unexpected results on other aspects or fail to deliver the expected savings. That is why it is critically important to look at an entire portfolio of solutions to yield the lowest levelized cost of energy (LCOE).

Our energy management and engineering professionals identify, develop, design and implement integrated energy demand side management (DSM), renewable energy production, and return on investment strategies.